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Monday, March 22, 2010

Top 10 Sex Myths...!

Top 10 Sex myths revealed

With sex and desire playing such an important role in human lives, you’d think we would all have a better grasp on it. However, truth be told, many people are misinformed about sex. Want to test your sex IQ? Check out these top 10 sex myths to see how your knowledge stacks up.

sex myths

No.10 - Great sex comes naturally
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The physical chemistry you see on TV and in the movies suggests that when two lovers meet, sparks fly and mind-blowing sex naturally follows. In the real world, it’s not always that easy. The human body doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The “tricks of the trade” that pleased a former partner do not always translate with someone new. Good communication is the key to good sex, as is a willingness to be open to trying new techniques and positions to find out what each partner finds pleasurable. It can be a little awkward at first to overcommunicate during sex, but think about the outcome: a partner who knows how to do it right every time.

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No.9 - Men have more sexual urges than women

Though many men would have you believe they’re ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the truth is that men experience daily fluctuations in libido, as do women. A man’s readiness to hop in the sack can be impacted by many of the same factors that impact a woman’s level of desire, including diet, sleep, health, stress, medical conditions, self-confidence, and relationship disharmon

sex myths2

No.8 - After a certain age, sex is no longer important

Sex is an important aspect of physical and emotional health and well-being for adults of all ages, even those in their golden years. While some people believe that a decrease in libido is a natural part of aging, a loss of sexual desire can be related to a number of other factors including hormone deficiencies, depression, anxiety disorders, side effects of medication, changes to a relationship, communication barriers, or loss of a spouse or partner.

sex myths3

No.7 - Viagra is the answer

While many people believe Viagra and other similar oral medications are the best or only treatment for men with *****ile dysfunction, the truth is that for many men these drugs are not a viable option or they simply are not effective. Oral medications are only a temporary fix to a problem that may have other underlying health causes that should be addressed by a qualified physician. In addition, many men with health conditions, including hypertension and diabetes, cannot take oral prescriptions due to serious potential side effects or contraindications with other medications. For men who cannot use oral meds, there are a number of other options including urethral suppositories and ICP, an injection that produces an *****ion within minutes.

No.6 - Size matters

Size is not a barometer for manhood.True sexual enthusiasm far outweighs any gifted parts. And contrary to another popular myth, the size of your member has nothing to do with the size of your hands or feet.  

sex myths4

No.5 - Certain foods can put you in the mood

Named for the Greek goddess of sensuality and love, aphrodisiacs are said to put you in the mood. While oysters, dark chocolate, strawberries might make you feel l’amour, there is no scientific evidence to support the validity of aphrodisiacs. However, while there is no science to foods and/or herbs causing arousal, a certain food can trigger an erotic memory or desire in your own mind -- so in a sense, we all have our own aphrodisiacs.

sex myths5

No.4 - Oral sex is safer than other methods of sex

From teenagers to former President Bill Clinton, oral sex seems to have the stigma of a “free pass” as far as sexual relationships go. Yes, it does count as sex, and yes, you can get a sexually transmitted disease from oral sex. There is still an exchange of fluids where diseases can enter your body through sores or small cuts in your mouth and throat.

sex myths6

No.3 - Premature ejaculation only affects young men

Some men do find that premature ejaculation begins at the onset of sexual maturity, but plenty of men also find it to be an issue later in life. In fact, premature ejaculation affects 30% of men at sometime in their lives.

Often, early ejaculation in men who are in their 30s or older is a co-symptom of *****ile dysfunction or fatigue, poor cardiovascular conditioning, depression, anxiety, or neurological symptoms.

sex myths7

No.2 - Fantasizing about someone else is a bad thing

A large part of the sexual experience starts with your brain, not your body, and sometimes your brain can wander. If you are committed to your lady, and your relationship is in a good place, it’s OK to think about Angelina (Jolie) or Megan (Fox) every now and then.

sex myths8

No.1 - Women can't get pregnant if a man pulls out

The “pull-out” method, also known as the rhythm method, is potentially the worst possible form of birth control. Men do not always know when ejaculatory fluid begins to seep out -- and even ahead of a perceptible orgasm, pre-ejaculate (which includes sperm) is released and is enough to get a woman pregnant. In fact, one in five couples who use this method as their only form of birth control over the course of a year will end up pregnant.

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