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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hard to Resist these Sultry Bombshells of Hollywood

hottest gf and housewives

No. 10: Leryn Franco—Novak Djokovic

Franco lands in the Top-10 for latching her rising star onto another rising star. Djokovic is currently ranked No. 3 in the World in tennis. While Franco is not actually a great javelin thrower, her looks will take her a long way.

These two have the talent to become one of sports "It" couples for the future.

hottest gf and housewives 1

No. 9: Nicole Scherzinger —Lewis Hamilton

The sexy lead singer of the *****cat Dolls, as well as the vapid judge for The Sing Off is the girlfriend of Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

At least Scherzinger knows how to pick winners. Hamilton is the youngest Formula One World Champion ever.

hottest gf and housewives 2

No. 8: Cheryl Tweedy Cole—Ashley Cole

Cheryl Cole may be the most multi-talented of any of the women on this list. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, fashion designer, author, and television personality. In between her many, many jobs, she finds time to be married on one of England's most famous soccer players, Ashley Cole.

Cole is also someone that Elin Woods should talk to. A couple different women have come out claiming to have slept with her husband, but Cheryl has stayed by her man. Of course, two isn't exactly on par with 15.

hottest gf and housewives 3

No. 7: Elisha Cuthbert—Dion Phaneuf

There's no way a guy named Dion Phaneuf gets a girl this hot unless she's Canadian.

hottest gf and housewives 4

No. 6: Eva Longoria Parker—Tony Parker

Longoria is the Peyton Manning of WAGs. She's been around for so long that you sometimes take her for granted and forget just how hot she is. And she's always at Tony's games.

hottest gf and housewives 5

No. 5: Kim Kardashian—Reggie Bush

There was one point over the summer where Kardashian and Bush had broken up. Those were dark days.

Luckily, Kim and her hourglass shaped body are back in Reggie's life and subsequently our lives.

She can't act, sing, or really contribute to society, but damn she is nice to look at.

hottest gf and housewives 6

No. 4: Minka Kelly—Derek Jeter

If you date Derek Jeter, it's going to be a high profile relationship. If you date Derek Jeter during the year that he breaks his World Series slump, we're going to see a lot of you.

Lucky for us, Minka Kelly was that woman this year, and she is amazing. She already won me over on Friday Night Lights and being with Jeter has solidified her as many a sports fan's fantasy.

hottest gf and housewives 7

No. 3: Adriana Lima—Marco Jaric

Marko Jaric is just a couple of steps away from officially being Mr. Adriana Lima. He was released by the Grizzlies at the beginning of this season. It remains to be seem whether he can ever find another job in the NBA.

 hottest gf and housewives 8

No. 2: Abigail Clancy —Peter Crouch

Abigail Clancy is the ridiculous hot girlfriend of Peter Crouch who blew up at the 2006 FIFA World Cup along with the other WAGs of the England team.

She also has had an interesting life since then. The couple broke up amid rumors of cocaine use and her cheating with an ex-boyfriend, but they are back together and things are better than ever.

hottest gf and housewives 9

No. 1: Brooklyn Decker—Andy Rod****

It wasn't long ago when we all thought that one day Andy Rod**** would rule tennis. Unfortunately for him, he came along at the same time as Roger Federer, who actually has ruled hockey. Rod**** has since then been labeled somewhat of a disappointment.

However, one way that Rod**** has no disappointed at all was in his girlfriends. Earlier in the decade he dated Mandy Moore for a while, but this year he took the cake by marrying swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker.

So at least in one way, for 2009, Andy Rod**** is a champion. Brooklyn Decker is the hottest WAG in the worl

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