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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The World's Most Luxurious and lavishing Airlines

luxurious airlines

1. Virgin Atlantic

Always wanting to be seen as the hip and happening airline, Virgin Atlantic’s
Upper Class Suite offers a colourful cabin where passengers can meet each
other in a relaxed atmosphere. With free massages on offer, no set meal
times and an attractive bar area, Virgin is a popular choice with those who
like all the trimmings but not necessarily all the stuffiness of a luxury airline.

Other perks on offer: Complimentary chauffeur driven car service to and
from the airport, drive thru check-in at Heathrow, Gatwick and
Johannesburg, and fully reclinable flat-bed seats.


luxurious airlines 1

2. Emirates

Emirates have been a consistent contender in the luxury market over the last
few years, with an attentive service and excellent reputation. They offer
private cabins in first class, where the seat converts into a 2m long flat bed,
and in-flight amenities include a 23 inch LCD flat screen and personal mini
bar. Business class seats are very roomy, with deep reclining sleeper seats,
and frequent flyers are able to customize their entertainment systems with
their personal choices for use on future flights.

Other perks on offer: Laptop charging, SMS, phone and email are all available
from your seat. First class passengers enjoy a seven-course meal prepared
by top chefs and accompanied with a wide selection of fine wines.  

 luxurious airlines 3

 3. Thai Airways

If you’re planning on flying to or through Bangkok any time soon be sure to
leave a few hours in your travels to visit Thai Airways’ first class lounge at
Bangkok’s new Suvarnabhumi Airport, which this year was awarded the
World’s Best First Class Lounge by Skytrax. Offering a luxury spa, massage
rooms, a fine dining area, deluxe seating areas and state-of-the- art visual
entertainment rooms, a visit to the lounge is worth booking a luxury seat
alone. On board, Thai’s first class and business class sections offer wide
seats that convert to flat beds, an excellent in-flight entertainment system
and an exquisite menu selection that is fast making Thai Airways known as
‘Restaurant in the Sky’.

Other perks on offer: First class passengers are able to pre-book their
six-course meal prior to the flight. Complimentary Dom Perignon Champagne
is available, as is a limo service.

 luxurious airlines 4

 4. British Airways

One of the granddaddies of luxury flying, British Airways has been around
since just after World War I in one guise or another but their luxury offerings
are far from old hat. Their cabins hold an understated luxury that’s
synonymous with the British way of life and varies from plane to plane. On
the Boeing 747 and 777 aircrafts there are ‘demi-cabins’ boasting seats that
extend to an impressive feet and six inches in length. Passengers can enjoy
dining at a time that suits them, and if you’re flying from London you can
order a ‘Catch of the Day’ freshly caught that morning in Loch Fyne,

Other perks on offer: Dine on the ground in one of BA’s elegant land lounges
prior to boarding a night flight to maximise your sleep time in the air.

 luxurious airlines 5

5. Singapore Airlines

There was much fanfare a few years ago when Singapore Airlines revealed
their new first class suites on the A380. Replete with recliner seat and
separate bed area, the cabins are, without doubt, the ultimate luxury in air
travel. Although, their first class and business class seating areas are none
too shabby, either. First class beds are made up with your own down-filled
mattress, duvet, and pillow by air cabin staff, and in business class 30
inch-wide seats, which convert to a flat-bed, are in a 1-2-1 configuration so
offer ample space ensuring you’ve got your own slice of luxury.

Other perks on offer:
Snacks and drinks are available at a passenger area
throughout the flight. Medium-haul business class seats offer all-in-one
business panels. All seats have widescreen TV with extensive in-flight
entertainment system.



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