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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top 10 tips for successful Flirting....!

Top 10 tips for successful flirting

Gone are the days when cheesy come-ons ruled the social scene. You have to give women more, and while good looks help, you need the right set of personality traits -- namely charisma, good manners and a great sense of humour -- to pique their interest.

Here are the top 10 ways you can approach a woman and engage in stimulating conversation without the fear of an adverse reaction on her part.

No.10 - Compare her to art

Tell her that her flowing hair is like the lines of a famous painting. But don't get too technical: Comparing her to works from Picasso's "cubism" phase may achieve less-than-desirable results.

Aside from being both clever and original, an artistic comparison suggests that you're an intellectual, have a profound interest in something other than football, and are not afraid to show off your softer side.


flirting tips

No.9 - Give her provocative glances

Otherwise known as an "eye smile," a provocative glance is more than just a regular smile in that you also communicate your feelings nonverbally. It can take the place of a thousand pickup lines and is likely a safer bet. Be warned though, you might want to practice this -- an overly-intense look can be worse than a bad opening line.

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No.8 - Offer an original compliment

The trick here is to not to make any obvious observations (the old, "that sweater looks great on you" line is getting predictable). If she's really attractive, chances are she's heard all the old clichés. So instead, catch her off guard and say something nice about her shoulders (yes, her shoulders). You can also try to speak her language and talk about her whole outfit without sounding too effeminate, or try guessing what perfume she's wearing. But be sure you know your perfumes, or this tactic may backfire.

flirting tips2

No.7 - Remember every detail

Take a mental note of everything she's wearing, from her earrings to her shoes, and everything in between. This will prove to be especially rewarding in the future. She'll be so touched that you actually remembered every little detail, she's bound to feel exceptional.

flirting tips3
No.6 - Give her space

If she seems reluctant to hand out her home number, don't try to force it out of her (even if things went smoothly up to that point). She may want to take things especially slow, or may not even be interested. Mention that you wouldn't mind calling her once in a while and let her take it from there. Part of the flirting process involves giving women some breathing room, so don't cling to her the whole night either

flirting tips4

No.5 - Be articulate

In other words, flatter her with your vast knowledge of the English language. Show her that you're familiar with such literary greats as Shakespeare and Chekhov, and not just Marvel comics. Articulating yourself allows her to see you in a more profound light. If your vocabulary is truly limited, just look up a few interesting words and use them accordingly. The trick is to use words that are clever enough to impress but not so intricate that she'll know you're trying too hard. And, above all, avoid words that you don't know the meanings of, in case she asks (or worse, you use them in the wrong context).

flirting tips5

No.4 - Have original jokes

Have a few original jokes on hand that are both harmless and can be universally appreciated, like making fun of the in-laws. Or, you can simply play off your surroundings in order to establish a casual, friendly atmosphere between the two of you.

Getting a few chuckles out of her will make her feel comfortable, and chances are you'll develop a friendship more quickly (which may or may not lead to romance...).

flirting tips6
No.3 - Relax

You don't want to imply that you're only cosying up to her for one reason. Sit back, relax and take the time to get to know her as a person, not just as another entry in your little black book.

If any sex talk does come up, however, make sure she's the one who initiated it.

flirting tips7

No.2 - Make her feel happy

Get her to open up about things that would make anyone happy like vacations, shopping or her favorite books and authors. The logic is quite simple: By putting her in a blissful state, emotionally and mentally, her reception toward you will be much warmer and friendlier. You immediately get on her good side, which makes the outlook on a budding relationship that much brighter.


No.1 - Make her feel like the only one

Give her the impression that she's one of a kind and truly remarkable (and she may very well be), and you'll forever be in her good graces. Go ahead and tell her she's flat-out hot; this is one time you can assure you won't end up with your foot in your mouth.

To seal the deal, don't get distracted and start checking out the newest arrivals at whatever bar or restaurant you two are in. Making her feel special involves ignoring everyone else in the room.


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