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Friday, November 20, 2009

Shilpa Shetty Refuses Deal for Exclusive Wedding Coverage to Hello Mag

shilpa shetty wedding

Shilpa Shetty has turned down a deal from UK's Hello magazine for exclusive coverage of her wedding (including her sangeet and mehendi)
to Raj Kundra on November 22. The actress was offered approximately 75,000 pounds (over 50 lakh) in exchange for exclusive picture rights.


A source close to Shilpa says, "It's the first time than an Indian actress has been offered so much money for coverage of an event.
This is more than what Aishwarya Rai was offered for her wedding. Shilpa is a big celebrity in the UK
(thanks to her winning the reality show Big Brother) and Raj Kundra too is a well-known industrialist,
so they were keen to cover this wedding."

Uncomfortable conditions

But Shilpa was very firm about refusing the magazine exclusive rights to her shaadi. She even avoided getting married in Raj's
opulent 10 million-pound mansion at Surrey in UK to stay away from the paparazzi. The source adds, "One of the
clauses in the contract offered by the international magazine was that no other photographers would be allowed
at the event. Also they didn't want any of the guests to carry their cell phones in case someone leaked the pictures to
other media. And Shilpa wasn't comfortable with both these conditions." At the Elizabeth Hurley wedding, guests were
frisked and their cell phones were taken away by the representatives of the magazine, and Shilpa didn't want her guests
to face a similar situation. Also, she is not looking to make money on this wedding. It is a sacred and a
beautiful occasion for her, and she doesn't want any bad energy around."

They got paid that much

Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt baby pics (2008):  sold to Hello for 14 million
Nicole Richie and baby Harlow (2008):  sold to People for 1.7 million
Christina Aguilera and baby Max (2008):  sold to People for 1 million
Chrisitina Aguilera wedding pictures (2007): sold to Ok! for 600k
Mariah Carey wedding pictures (2008):  sold to People for 2.5 million
Jlo baby pics Max and Emme (2008):  sold to People for 6 million
Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn's pics (2007):  sold to Ok! for 1.7 million
Britney Spears wedding pics (2004):  sold to People for 2 million
Liz Hurley and Arun Nayyar wedding pics (2007):  sold to People for 4 million

*All figures in dollars


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