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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cricketing Legend Sachin 's 45 Centuries....!

sachin tendulkar

Sachin 's 45 Centuries

45 centuries, 17000 ODI runs, more than 430 matches in a career spanning 20 years and still counting. The little master Sachin Tendulkar has done it all. Here is a look back at all the 45 ODI centuries Sachin has scored over the year

sachin tendulkar1
1st century: On September 9, 1994 at the Premdasa Stadium in Colombo, the little master scored the first of his 45 centuries playing against Australia scoring 110 runs at a strike rate of 84.61.

sachin tendulkar2
2nd century: His second century came just a month later on October 28, 1994 against New Zealand at Vadodara. This was also Sachin’s first ODI century in India. Opening the innings, he scored 115 runs at a strike rate of 84.55.

sachin tendulkar3
3rd century: Sachin’s majestic form continued as just two weeks later on November 11, 1994 he scored his third century against West Indies at Jaipur. Sachin scored 105 runs at a strike rate of 78.35 this time.

sachin tendulkar4
4th century: Sachin went on without a century for nearly 5 months till April 9, 1995 when opening the innings, he scored a blisteringly quick century staying not out at a score of 112 at a strike rate of 104.67. This smashing inning of his won India the match against Sri Lanka at Sharjah.

sachin tendulkar5
 6th century: Even though Sachin put up a fight, India tasted defeat at the hands of the Lankans on March 2, 1996 at the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi. A focussed Sachin kept on going while wickets kept falling at regular intervals. He scored 137 runs of 137 balls. Yet, for the first time his century could not culminate into a win for India.

sachin tendulkar6
7th century: Another century for Sachin, yet another loss for team India. Even though Sachin kept his majestic form going, scoring 100 runs against Pakistan, India still ended up losing the match at The Padang, Singapore.

sachin tendulkar7
8th Century: Exactly 10 days later India got its revenge against Pakistan and Sachin got his eight ODI century. Opening the inning for India, Sachin scored 118 runs at a strike rate of 84.28, at the Sharjah stadium.

9th Century: His 9th century came on August 28, 1996. A day of mixed feelings for Sachin as even though he scored his first century as skipper, India still lost the match to Sri Lanka. Sachin scored 110 runs at a strike rate of 79.71 playing at the Premdasa stadium in Colombo.

10th CENTURY: On December 14, 1996, Sachin’s tenth ODI ton helped India register a win against South Africa at Sachin’s home ground Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. Opening the innings, Sachin made 114 runs at a strike rate of 90.47.

Out of His 45 Ceturies

11- out of Asia

out of these 11
1- against Namibia
2- Against Kenya
2- Against Zimbawe
1- each against Aus., N.Z. ,England, W.I., S.A.

In Asia Out of India

6- Against S.L.
4-Against Australia

In India:

4-Against N.Z.
4-Against Aus
2 each Against Ken., Pak.,S.A.,W.I.
1 each Zim., S.L.,

What u guys say. Why he is so less successful out of Asia? Fast tracks? or just home field Advatage against him?


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