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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Essential List Of Free RSS and Blog Submission Sites For Maximum Traffic

A Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Own RSS Feed (Beginner's Basics)

Submitting a RSS feed and blog is always beneficial to make your blog reach more people. Here, I am posting the list of free RSS feed and blog submission 
 sites, free means free no one time charge, reciprocal link etc

Here is list of important blogs and RSS links for your blog promotion 
  1. Technorati: Enter the URL directly.
  2. Answers: Add blog after filling out a form.
  3. FeedShark: Submit your blog to many blog directories.
  4. 2RSS: Direct feed submission.
  5. Syndic8: Register and then submit the feed.
  6. Blloggs: Submit blog URL and blog feed URL.
  7. RocketInfo: Add feed after regitering.
  8. Blogarama: Submit blog.
  9. Ping-o-matic: Ping to many sites.
  10. 5starblogs: Register and then submit the blog.
  11. Feedsee: Direct feed submission.
  12. Blogbunch: Add feeds directly.
  13. Feedsfarm: Direct feed submission.
  14. BlogCatalog: Submit blog after registering.
  15. RSSFeeds: Direct feed submission.
  16. Blogdigger: Direct feed submission.
  17. Search4RSS: Direct feed submission.
  18. Blogdir: Add blog.
  19. 4Guys from Rolla: Direct feed submission.
  20. Blog-directory: Add Blog.
  21. DevASP: Direct feed submission.
  22. Bloggernow: Add Blog.
  23. FeedPlex: Direct feed submission.
  24. Blogexplosion: Add Blog.
  25. Plazoo: Add feed.
  26. Blog Flux: Add Blog.
  27. Feed24: Add Feed.
  28. Bloghop: Add blog.
  29. FeedCat: Post feed after registration.
  30. Blogintro: Submit blog.
  31. Feeds2Read: Enter the feeds directly.
  32. Blogpulse: Submit blog.
  33. JordoMedia: Enter the feeds directly.
  34. Blog search: Add blog.
  35. RSS Mad: Register and add feeds.
  36. Blogs collection: Add blog.
  37. Feedooyoo: Enter the feeds directly.
  38. Sarthak: Add blog.
  39. Science Port: Enter the feeds directly.
  40. Chordata: Add blog.
  41. Feedage: Register and add feeds.
  42. Contents Matter: Add blog.
  43. GoldenFeed: Enter the feeds directly.
  44. Crayon: Add blog.
  45. RssMicro: Enter the feeds directly.
  46. Feedboy: Enter the feeds directly.
  47. Octora: Enter the feeds directly.
  48. Fybersearch: Add blog.
  49. FeedFury: Enter the feeds directly.
  50. Globe of Blogs: Add blog.
  51. RSSMotron: Enter the feeds directly.
  52. Ice rocket: Enter the feeds directly.
  53. Press Radar: Suggest blog and feed.
  54. FeedBase: Enter the feeds directly.
  55. Read a blog: Enter the feeds directly.
  56. MoreNews: Enter the feeds directly.
  57. Red Tram: Add feed and blog.
  58. Day Time News: Enter the feeds after filling out a form.
  59. Strategic board: Add blog.
  60. RSSBuffet: Enter the feeds after filling out a form.
  61. Wingee: Add blog.
  62. SolarWarp: Enter the feeds after filling out a form.
  63. Videocasting Station: Enter the feeds directly.


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