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Monday, January 10, 2011

Essential Computer Softwares Tips For You...!

useful pc softwares

Overview on document archiving software

There are many documents archiving software. One of them is Tomadox. It's a document scanning and management system
that can articulate capabilities in organizing the system to the need of organizers. The system is developed with an emphasis on the experience of the users and quick integration in any organization. 

includes management of archive and sub- archive tree, giving assignment of unique key fields to every archive, management of the reception of files and data from external sources like network, scanner or any other source, assembling of advance scanning options in different formats, categorizing of data and arrange them in sequential order as well as with the demand of the author or the company, identification of data automatically, advance identification and recognition of barcode, detection and identification of data using OCR engines, managing of group and authorization system managed by the users, enabling of task module to send a document to a user as a task, managing of signature and authorization that enable the company or organization to send a specific document to specific or several users, advance search options on different outsource database
, tasks, emails etc.

To download this software visit

How to convert GXF files to QuickTime .mov on Mac

Play .gxf video files with QuickTime on Mac is an impossible thing for all of the Mac users, because the QT doesn't support gxf files. When you get a GXF video and want play it on Mac, you should to convert GXF video to QuickTime .mov, and then you can import gxf videos into QuickTime for playing. So, convert GXF files to QT .mov is the necessary step for you before you play GXF videos on Mac!

How to convert .gxf file to QuickTime mov video on Mac?

Step 1: Load GXF video files to GXF to Quicktime Mov Converter for Mac

Free download, install and run Mac GXF to Quicktime Mov Converter, click "Add" button to add gxf files into GXF to mov converter.


Step 2: Select output format QuickTime mov format

In the drop-down list next to "format", select output format QuickTime .mov, select the destination in the drop-down list next to "output"

Step 3: Start convert GXF video files

After all the necessary setting have been done, click "Convert" button to start converting. 

download the software from below link

Advantages of Time Tracking Software for Business

Time tracking software plays an vital role in running any business faster, smarter and effectively - with fewer human hours and lower costs. Time tracking software keeps the record of time that you spend to complete a particular task or project or the time you spend on working for clients. Your work can really become very challenging if you have several clients and you have to spend different time on each of them. You can effectively manage billing and time tracking altogether by using a good billing and time tracking software. 

Online time tracking software easily and accurately allocates time by using web based timesheets. It is very beneficial towards projects, clients or any branch of your business . Time tracking software specifies a certain plan that fits your needs in project management. It also helpful with leading Project Management, Accounting, and HR etc. 

Time tracking software has one more advantage it can be used to allocate and track the activities of employees and makes there daily schedules more organized. Time tracking software simplify the job of the payroll department by easily tracking the employee's time. In turn, you can save money as well as you will experience increased productivity. There are so many tasks this software can achieve for you simultaneously that would otherwise cost a lot of time as well as money.

Time tracking system works well with Internet and gives an access to check status of the project among other details. It allows you to update, revise, correct, and manage project statuses. Time tracking software provides many of the same functions that the systems provides, companies can save a lot money because they do not have to maintain the system and it also allows flexibility. Time tracking software proved as a prudent technology for anyone that wants to keep track of their project expenses. Time tracking software has the capability of scheduling that allows the supervisors to keep a time table for every employee. By using this software, you can surely and definitely balance and keep track of work orders.


  • Online time tracking keeps the record of time and makes you updated with the data any time.
  • It keeps track on time as well as expense so saves money and increases productivity.
  • Makes data management very simple, as data is available in any format makes it easy to share.
  • All the data is stored at central database enables you to track the time spend by each employee.
  • It reduces paper work and errors.
  • Assign time and project to each employee.

Hence, it saves time and allows you to focus on production. Possibility of errors in calculation and conflicts with clients regarding the deliveries and time spent are easily addressed if you make use of a good billing and time tracking software.

Download from Invoicera is an online invoicing and time tracking software which is specifically designed keeping simplicity and online invoicing convenience in mind, while at the same time offering the best of the breed invoicing features.

How to Open Secure PDF File Easily & Quickly

PDF Password Highly Useful: PDF Passwords are highly useful as using them you can stop the access of your crucial data from unwanted users and thus can save your data from being modified by unwanted users. PDF passwords are essential and can prevent data from being shown to unwanted users to carry out certain operations like editing, printing, copying etc. in the original content. PDF passwords are passwords that protect and preserve your data and will restrict your PDF files from being opened. Thus, you are assured that your data is safe and secure and nobody will access your valuable data. You are rest assured that your PDF files are secured and operations like printed, copied etc or can’t even be altered by any undesirable users.

Unable to Recall PDF Password: Suppose, you are the owner of a document and your data is password protected. Now, if you have forgotten your own password, then serious situation may likely to occur. In case, you are unable to open PDF files and thus cannot execute your important task. If you are a user and need password to carry out significant task but you are unable to do so in the absence of password. Thus, your important work halts to a great extent. 



How to Open Secure PDF File? To avoid any kind of inconvenience in absence PDF password, you can use some third-party PDF security remover online software, using which you can carry out PDF document restrictions remove program. Using SysTools PDF Unlocker software, you can easily and quickly remove PDF password. This software will help you to break PDF password print, copy, edit and extract operations, so that users can unlock PSF files in order to carry out important work task.








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