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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 10 Male Sex Fantasies...!

Top 10 male sex fantasies

Almost every single guy in the world has completely unrealistic fantasies that will most likely never happen. Whether they originate from pop culture, Halloween parties, or our high exposure to NSFW material is a complete and utter mystery. But it doesn’t stop us from spending a crazy amount of time hoping and praying that we’ll one day be able to live out these fantasies.



1. The Naughty Nurse

Although our ideas about nurses tend to be wildly inaccurate, few things seem as pleasing as a hot girl in a ****ty uniform “treating” us when we get “hurt.” Just when you’re about to regret jumping off the roof into a swimming pool, she bends over to give as a better look…ahem…take our temperature. Where does this fantasy come from? Who cares? (but the porn industry is a good guess). Typing plain “nurse” into Google Images gives you at least half naughty nurses, and there’s probably something wrong with that. But who’s complaining?

2. The Sexy Schoolgirl –

It’s easy to daydream through a boring lecture. It’s even easier to imagine a plaid skirt and heels on that girl two desks to the left of you. If only one day you didn’t have to imagine. She has those messy pigtails draped over her white blouse that only has one button. Eying you all class, she suggestively licks her pencil and makes it disappear in her cleavage. She passes you a note and wants to meet after class. Shoot, daydreaming again!

3. Scoring on the Job

In the heat of your mundane cubicle job (the one you were trying to avoid by going to college, HA!), you realize yet again that your work for the day won’t last all eight hours. You don’t even have to conjure up a solution because you’ve already got one in mind that involves the secretary and some lube. Funny thing is, this fantasy doesn’t even require you to leave the office – shagging atop a copier is risky, but that’s what makes it so sexy. And just maybe your 20-something female boss will catch you and administer some “discipline” (oh yeah!).

4. Domination

As men, we get tired of being the initiator in bed, and breaking that routine is a plus. There is something irrevocably sexy about being controlled by a woman. The whip, leather, and gag are optional, but at least tie us up. Just once, we’d love to be forced onto the sheets after we unknowingly walk intro the bedroom. The female domination fantasy is shared by many women (as I’m sure you can imagine), so it actually isn’t such a stretch.

5. One-Night Stand

Why do guys go to bars, pay unreasonably high covers, and buy overpriced drinks while girls get it all for free? A chance at a one-night stand! Sex with no strings attached is awesome; it’s pure bliss. She’s a sexy stranger who doesn’t know any of your friends (including your girlfriend), so you’re the only one who has to keep your mouth shut. You don’t know what to expect in the sack, and that bit of mystery is a surefire turn on. It’s also a big ego-booster if you can pull it off.

6. The French Maid

Housekeeping! There’s just something about this outfit that’s super hot — maybe it’s the lacy stockings, maybe it’s the short skirt, maybe it’s the thought that she will clean the toilet. Whatever it is, it makes our day. Your maid lightly wafts her duster over the shelves with such innocence. When she gets to the bottom one, you can see where her stockings end. She timidly asks what else you’d like her to do next, as if she doesn’t know. And that’s basically where the innocence ends.

7. The Sexy Cop

Getting pulled over ****s, and getting a ticket is a lot worse. And it’s always for some B.S. you didn’t do, right? A young, sexy female cop would suddenly make this encounter worthwhile. When she generously sways her hips in the strut up to your window with that ticket pad in hand, you know she’s got the power to make your day awesome or totally ****. It seems like she tries to draw the crazed animal out of you with her shiny lipstick and carelessly buttoned shirt, but your social conscience knows she’s expecting your hopeless attempt to flirt your way out of a ticket. Is she writing her phone number for me? Nope.

8. Bad Santa -

o ho ho! Maybe when we were little an RC car was an awesome present. But now we’re grown men and all we want for Christmas is sex. Finding this Claus **** under the tree is definitely a seasonal turn on, and maybe a little morning fun to fit tradition wouldn’t be so bad either. This will surely make the excitement of Christmas morning last. Candy canes will be ****ed and ornaments fondled.

9. Midair Mingling

You’re on a four-hour flight for some “mandatory” business meeting, and you’ve got absolutely nothing to do. You already read through the sky catalog, sky magazine, and the airline safety pamphlet and that only took you 15 minutes. Wouldn’t you just love it if the meal service came with dessert? Most times the flight attendant will hand you a minuscule package of those lame wafers. But this time, a young sexed-up stewardess leads you to the lavatory. Her job puts a lot of stress on her, and she’s feeling horny too. You get to score 10,000 feet above the ground in two cubic feet of space!

10. Threesome!

You were expecting this one on the list somewhere. This is the kind of threesome that pairs you and two exceedingly hot chicks for all night fun. Your girlfriend suddenly getting the urge to not only have sex, but also invite her hot friend to take part in the action has always been a product of the male mind. The girlfriend keeps you cool and confident, while her friend makes it all exotic and feel a bit forbidden. Plus, you’ve got two girls competing over your body — when else has that ever happened?!

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