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Monday, August 9, 2010

Make Money Online With Fiverr...!

  Fiverr is a website that probably not many people know about and the reason why I am mentioning about it today is because it has great potential for anyone to make money from there. But the catch is, everything is for $5. Sounds pretty simple right?
In other words, Fiverr is a growing marketplace where any individual can purchase, sell, or trade services, similar in ways to other freelance websites except they follow a unique business model which separates them from the rest – the $5 rule.

 What makes Fiverr such a great place for anyone to make money, I mean absolutely anyone, is because there is no limit to what you can offer/sell. You’d be surprised how different the marketplace is opposed to other freelance websites. Just looking around their marketplace as I write, I see people offering logo designing, poetry, T-shirt designing, advertising, video marketing, graphics, and much more. They even have a category named ‘Silly Stuff’ and here are just some of the examples that reside in this fun-packed category. “I will make you laugh for $5,” “I will cast a spell for $5,” and, “I will make a video ranting about anything or anyone you want for $5.” The openness and variety of services available in Fiverr is simply amazing and astonishing at the same time. You’d be surprised what kinds of services are available and at what people are willing to buy because I sure was.

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One of the biggest reasons why Fiverr is quickly becoming the marketplace for all individuals is because of their overall business model and scheme of their website that makes the atmosphere just perfect for almost any individual to start selling their products or services and start making money – although the scheme of the site sort of reminds me of Twitter (But, simplicity is always good). With most marketplaces, there would generally be only certain amount of services such as web designing, logo designing, and programming which of course requires some level of skill and if you offered something out of the ordinary, most of the time no one takes you seriously and you are left with bad remarks. But here at Fiverr, you will see that they offer services that other freelance sites have and much more. At Fiverr, you’d see many people even purchase services such as writing, poetry, and other fun stuff that people may reconsider posting on other freelance sites. This is what I believe is Fiverr’s greatest edge over other freelance marketplaces.

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What makes Fiverr out shine the rest of the marketplaces is that even if you are not skilled at anything such as web designing, logo designing, or programming, you know the general freelance services you see on other sites, there is still always opportunities for you to make money. Creativity is all you really need to start making money at Fiverr. There is absolutely no limit to what you can sell at Fiverr and start making money. The sky is the limit.



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