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Monday, July 5, 2010

Make your love more sensuous and romantic this monsoon...!

  The soft showers, the cold breeze and the tingling music of the droplets coupled with the enchanting chirp of the birds would want nothing but your lover beside you. The picturesque event on a date with your love can be made more romantic and cherished for life.
Here are some romantic tips for several monsoon dates.

   Long Drive:

 On the Bike:

  Before you hit the rainy streets, wrap yourself with raincoats, if you don't want to sneeze for a whole week. However if you think, it's just unromantic idea to zoom with raincoats then leave it at home but; make sure to warm yourself as soon as you return from the romantic trip. While speeding far away from the city, stop at places with a picturesque scenery to exchange a warm kiss or just to splash rain water. The warmest thing to do would be to recite some romantic lines in your lover's arm or to sing some sizzling number together to enhance the love flame.

 In the Car:

  The rain drops may be just barred to reach you, but not the warmth of love. Buzz the empty streets with a soft music on the background to lighten the whole event. Park the car on a scenic area, while the rain still drizzles on your roof... and you know what to do next. The experience of a long drive is still warmer when you are out in the rain early in the morning.

 Candlelight dinner in Balcony :

  Candle light dinner in the balcony with add ons like soft music and wine is just apt to hype the romance back in life. As the world gets drenched in water and snuggles inside the blanket fearing the great thunder and lightening, you swift to the warm banquet of just two to add spice to your love story. Let the dinner be a surprise to your partner. Send a cozy invitation with a flower bouquet. Dress yourself with a theme based line, or just be there with sexy outwear and dress the whole arena with magical fragrance. Pick your love from office and splurge on a party with an addition slow dancing evening and let the soft showers do the musical.

 A silent walk on the watered street :

  Try this, go for a walk, sharing a single umbrella. The base rule for the evening walk is none of you will speak a word, until you return back to shelter. Experience thousands of innocent love expressions that will go bang! with a great spice up energy.

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