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Monday, June 14, 2010

Technology changing your sex experience....!

7 Ways tech is changing sex

Pornography has been called technology's "quiet pioneer," but it isn't just sex that's changing tech.

While networks like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we interact socially, new technologies have also changed the way we engage sexually.

We've identified seven tech-driven trends that have affected sex in this digital age--from sex toys to online dating, pornography to new ways of engaging in (cyber) sexual acts.

View the list, then tell how you think technology has changed sex.

New Ways To Consume Pornography

The Internet is both an information and pornography super highway. By some metrics, some 12% of all sites on the web are pornographic.

Adult entertainment providers like Playboy have repeatedly leveraged new tech to their advantage. In 1982, to keep pace with demand, the company launched Playboy TV, and in 1989 the magazine became the first men's publication with a Braille edition. For its June 2010 issue, Playboy even featured a 3D centerfold. "What would people most like to see in 3D?" asked Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. "Probably a naked lady." Porn is also becoming more "graphic" than ever before: first came HD TV, with its high resolution images, and now, as 3D TV gains traction, adult entertainment companies are beginning to venture into 3D porn.

New Ways To Get Pleasure

Each year at the Adult Entertainment Expo, the industry demonstrates its commitment to XXX innovation. Recent years have seen the launch of several high-tech, multifunction sex toys, including a sex robot named Roxxxy

New Kinds Of Sex

Courtship, sex, and love can take place in virtual worlds, like the user-created Second Life. Individuals create custom avatars to represent themselves, then interact with other "residents" of the Second Life community. Sex between avatars is quite common--there are even virtual sex toys for sale that Residents can purchase for their avatars. People have been known to form deep relationships with one another via Second Life, and sex between avatars can have real world implications: last year a woman filed for divorce after she caught her husband's avatar engaging in sexual activity with another male avatar.

New Ways To Meet Partners

In 2002, Wired predicted that, in 20 years, looking for love online would become the norm. Eight years later, Internet dating sites are already anything but taboo. eHarmony and are two popular forums for singles seeking "traditional" love, while virtual dating websites like OmniDate pair digital avatars and place them into romantic "date" settings. Some statistics suggest that one in eight couples married in the US met via social media.


New Kinds Of Partners

Immobile "sex dolls" have been around since Ancient Greece, and they remain part of sex culture today--but in all new forms. In the words of Douglas Hine, creator of Roxxxy the sex robot, "Sex only goes so far – then you want to be able to talk to the person." Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, sex robots like Roxxxy can sense motion and touch and even speak. For instance, Roxxxy says "I love holding hands with you" when her hand is touched; she also has a more intimate vocabulary for sexual stimulation. While sex robots cannot yet imitate true human movement, startlingly lifelike 'bots called Actroids exist for non-sexual purposes and can not only speak but can gesture emphatically, the way humans do.

New Ways To Coordinate Hook Ups

Location-based social networking apps allow smartphone users to search and connect with people in their area. Apps like Skout Dating: A Singles Network help singles find and coordinate dates, while services like PinPointsX facilitate casual hookups. There are also gender-exclusive social apps, like the all-male Grindr.

New Ways To Have Cybersex

Cybersex, a form of intercourse that takes place over the Internet, is more accessible and available in far more forms than ever. Gone are the days of AOL Chatrooms. Today websites like ChatRoulette host live, spontaneous video chats between strangers, some of whom engage in virtual sex acts. Other sites, like Cupid Cams, are devoted explicitly to video sex.

Of course, there's alwayssextingas a form of electronic flirtation, where partners send explicit text messages or racy photos to one another. Sexting scandals made headlines this past year, and debate currently rages over underaged sexting.

The much-touted FaceTime video chat feature for iPhone 4 could even bring a new level to cybersex by combining sexting, video sex and phone sex.

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