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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sandra Kissed Scarlett Johansson at MTV Movie Awards

Sandra Smooches Scarlett Johansson at MTV Movie Awards

 Actress Sandra Bullock stunned the audience when she kissed Scarlett Johansson while on stage to collect the Generation Award at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

Bullock received the award Sunday for her riveting and diverse contributions to the film industry. She is the first woman to get the honour, reports

The actress was greeted by Betty White, Bradley Cooper and Johansson on stage.



 Bullock and Johansson's husband Ryan Reynolds' lip locking in "The Proposal" was nominated in the Best Kiss category at the MTV awards but the title went to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for their kissing in "Twilight Saga: New Moon".

"Scarlett...I love you and all but this is a little uncomfortable... why are you here?" asked Bullock.

Johansson replied: "Well, since Ryan was working, I wanted to be here in his place when you guys won Best Kiss."

"That's so nice. But we didn't win," Bullock added. Johansson responded: "Right... well... I thought you should have won... it was a great kiss."

Then, Bullock and Johansson moved closer. "It looked like such a great kiss," Johansson said.

"It was. It really was," Bullock said and the two actresses landed a kiss on each other's lips.

"Now that we have done that, can you please go back to normal because therapy is really expensive," Bullock added.

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