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Friday, June 11, 2010

Prince Actress Aruna Shields bares all for Mr.SinghMrs.Mehta...!

 As many as sixty actresses had refused to do a crucial nude scene in Mr Singh Mrs Mehta before Aruna Shields agreed to the role

Debutante director Pravesh Bhardwaj had a tough time finding the lead girl for his film Mr Singh Mrs Mehta because he wanted the lead girl to pose in the nude for a vital sequence. Apparently around 60 girls rejected the film before Aruna Shields green-lit the project.

  Said Pravesh, “The character is called Neera. She is the muse for a nude painting, and that is her turning point. For a girl who is trapped in middle class morality, to reach a point where she not only poses naked in front of a man who is not her husband but also doesn’t care what the world will think when the painting becomes public, it is a tough journey towards self-discovery. Getting actresses to see my viewpoint was difficult.

Every time I narrated the script, I met with very strong reactions. In fact, one actress threw the script at me and walked out.”

Pravesh says the most embarrassing episode was when a particular actress called him a ‘loser’ for writing this ‘kind of film’. A former VJ had actually agreed to do the part but jacked up her price at the last moment because of the nude scene. “We couldn’t afford her,” he shrugged.

Thankfully, Aruna Shields understood how important the scene was to the script. Incidentally, Aruna was last seen with Vivek Oberoi in Prince. 

 British actor Aruna Shields, of Anglo Indian descent, begun her education at a convent school before winning an academic scholarship to attend boarding school. She went onto gain a distinction from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She also obtained a degree from Central St Martins, London. Aruna's passion lay in performance and while at a theatrical workshop she was spotted by an acting agent.

Aruna has lead roles in studio feature films out worldwide in cinemas 2010 :

She plays the challlenging lead of AKI in the epic adventure AO: THE LAST NEANDERTHAL, a gritty beauty and the beast love story based 30.000 years ago. In cinemas September 2010. Produced by cinema chain UGC after their oscar nominee A Prophet. Directed by Jacques Malaterre known for Odyssey of the Species. Written by award winner Michel Fessle, March of the Penguins

Aruna launched to stardom overnight as the critically acclaimed heroine of action thriller PRINCE labelling her 'India's new Bond girl' She plays alongside Vivek Oberoi, Sanjay Kpoor and Dilip Tahil. Released in cinemas worldwide April 2010. Produced by Tips Industries after their hit film Race.

She is also the starring lead, Neera,in arthouse film MR SINGH. MRS MEHTA A quirky story about a young girl dealing with infidelity. in cinemas July 2010. Produced by Medient.

Aruna's earlier work includes touring in theatre tour for over a year. Leads in experimental and feature films like Mission Improbable, Private Moments, Violent Lesson, and underwater film Bait. Various roles in other films.

Aruna Shields who made her debut with 'Prince' has given a nude scene for the film 'Mr Singh Mrs Mehta' after 60 girls rejected the film

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