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Sunday, May 9, 2010

How To Know She Got A Fake Boobs...!

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How To Tell If She Has Fake Breasts

To some, the difference between real breasts and fake breasts couldn’t be more obvious. But with advances in plastic surgery, it’s getting harder and harder for anyone to tell the difference. Still, a few details exist that can expose which one’s are all-natural and which were made in a factory. So read on and never be fooled again!

Find out How to Tell if She Has Fake ****s



All you really need to do is touch them to be able to tell if she’s had “some work done.” But let’s be honest, you’re not going to have that opportunity very often and definitely not with most of the chicks you’re checking out. But if you do get to cop a feel, fake breasts will be much more firm than the real thing, almost hard inside. Not such a big deal when they look good, but who wants to play with a couple of balloons filled with crap?


Breasts, thankfully, come in every shape and size. But real breasts are never perfectly round. If she’s standing upright, most real breasts will be round at the bottom, peak at the ****** and flat on top. But if it looks like she’s smuggling a couple of grapefruits under her sweater at all times, those puppies are fake.

Larger breasts will sag over time, so if she’s sporting double-Ds and they’re holding up her chin without a bra, they’re fake. Smaller breasts, which are less affected by gravity, can maintain a nice round shape, but nobody gets implants smaller than a C-cup (a little more than a handful), so if she’s got B’s or less, count on those being real – and awesome!


Telling whether or not breasts are fake when they’re tragically stuffed in a bra can be especially difficult, since you don’t get to see their true shape. Which brings us to the Hang. When a girl with real ones bends over or leans forward, they go forward too, away from the body.

If they’re big enough, they should start to look kind of like a water balloon held at the knot, getting more bulbous at the bottom, when looking at them from the front or the side. Fake ones, on the other hand, will get ripples or bumps in the skin toward the bottom of the breasts, created by an unnatural pull on the skin. So if it looks like her ta-tas are about to be ripped off by gravity, she’s trying to fool you.


When a woman lies on her back, her ****s should change shape. If they look like they’re standing at attention, they’re fake – no question about it. If they’re real, they’ll flatten-out, at least a bit, and sag to the sides, toward her armpits. This one is hard to see in pictures, since most models hold their ****s together to keep this from happening and make them look bigger – and faker – for the photo.

One of the best ways to tell if her t*ts are fake is to look at the ******s. A number of things can go awry with these little pleasure buttons. First, if her ******s aren’t symmetrically placed on the ****s, there’s a good chance the ****s are fake; unaltered nips grow more or less in the same spot on both breasts not like this: (*)(.) And of course, if the ******s are constantly harder than diamonds, the ****s probably cost as much as one.

Also, implants are often inserted through a lesion around the ******, so if she’s got a scar here (or in the armpit, around the bottom of the breasts or even the near the belly button), then the mystery is probably solved. However, some women who’ve had lumps removed from their breasts for medical reasons can have a similar scar, so you better give those bad boys a feel, just to be sure.


Real breasts move. They jiggle and sway and swing. And we love every single second of it. Fake ****s, on the other hand, don’t do a damn thing. Unfortunately, you can’t tell how a set of knockers knock just by looking at (most) pictures. So this doesn’t do you any good there.

But if you can see the lady in question in action, watch for what the breasts do during any quick movements. If she’s kept what her momma gave ‘er, then they should heave, change shape and yes, bounce. If they don’t, they’re fake.

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