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Saturday, April 10, 2010

SeXiest Celebs To ever Get Cheated on...!

hottest celebs cheated on

 Hottest Women to Ever Get Cheated On

Cheating — lots of men do it.Sometimes, for mysterious reasons, men cheat on beautiful and intelligent women who look like the perfect package to any outsider. Even more strange is their choice of mistresses. The men straying from their gorgeous gals often seem to choose dilapidated women well past their sell-by date to cheat with. Here are some of the hottest women to ever get cheated on.

cheated on celebs

 Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is a drop dead gorgeous model and actress who had a tumultuous and controversial marriage to actor Jude Law. Their relationship was under constant scrutiny from the tabloids after Law’s affair with the family nanny surfaced. Daisy Wright had a months-long affair with Law in Miller’s house, and although Wright says she was ’swept off her feet’ by Law, she realizes that he was strictly using her for sex. Law encouraged Wright to have a threesome with him, and she kept a detailed diary of the whole affair. Law even tried to convince her to see him after the affair was discovered — and he had issued a public apology to Sienna. He was busted with his fling when one of the couple’s children discovered Law in bed with the younger woman and tattled to mommy.

The couple tried to work out their differences, but ultimately went their separate ways less than a year later.

cheated celebs

 Elin Nordegren

Most people know her as “Tiger Woods’ Wife.” Elin Nordegren is a smoking hot Swedish model who recently discovered Woods was having an affair with a trashy looking porn star. She proceeded to chase him with a golf club, causing lacerations to his face and breaking the back windshield of his Escalade as he tried to escape.

Woods was found to have cheated with a number of women, claimed he had a ‘problem’ and entered sex rehab. He later faced accusations that his rehab stint was for drugs, and not sex at all. Either way, Woods’ real problem was ruining his relationship with one of the hottest girls on the planet for sex with a few greasy looking money grubbers.

sexy celebs cheated

 Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant is a former music video girl, which is how she met husband and Lakers star Kobe Bryant. Bryant was working on his own album — which was never released — and noticed the seventeen year old Vanessa dancing at a video shoot. They married in 2000, when Bryant was only 22.

In 2003, Kobe was accused of rape against a young hotel worker named Katelyn Faber. He denied the allegations, but admitted to consensual sex with the girl. His cheating — and possibly raping — ways not only put incredible emotional strain on his relationship, but cost him sponsorships from McDonalds and Nutella. In 2008, Kobe became the subject of controversy when he was accused of having an affair with former Lakers Girl, Vanessa Curry.

hot cheated celebs

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad may be an annoying, bratty, air-headed debutante, but there’s no denying that she’s super hot. In an interview with Us Magazine, Conrad admits turning a blind eye to boyfriends who she knew were cheating on her while she appeared in MTV’s The Hills. Much of that show is so staged that it’s almost insulting, but Conrad claims that her feelings and low self-esteem were all too real; the former reality TV starlet says that the ‘backstabbing’ wouldn’t go unnoticed again.

sexy celebs

 Denise Richards

Denise Richards split with Charlie Sheen for more than just cheating. Richards claimed that he frequently bought prostitutes — a baffling act, considering Richards’ amazing body and gorgeous face. The remainder of her complaint list is bizarre, to say the least: verbal abuse, 9/11 conspiracy theories, gambling addiction, prescription pills, and an “abnormal fascination” with Nicole Simpson’s death all made it impossible for Richards to remain in the marriage.

The accusations don’t stop there. Richards accused Sheen of assault, having a fetish for pornography bordering on pedophilia, and a strong desire to purchase gas masks and firearms. She also filed a restraining order against the man she described to sound like a meth addict in 2006.

cheated celebs

 Reese Witherspoon

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon were a picture-perfect, Barbie-and-Ken Hollywood couple. Both American actors, Witherspoon met Phillippe at her 21st birthday party. After seven years of marriage and countless sessions in marriage counseling, Witherspoon filed for divorce and cited ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Phillippe had cheated with his co-star from the romantic drama Stop-Loss, a woman named Abbie Cornish. Witherspoon found out about the affair when Phillippe left his Blackberry unguarded in the bathroom; his wife’s prying eyes uncovered messages Phillippe could only explain by saying he “didn’t mean it.

hot celebs

 Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is a beautiful English model who became known for her movie roles, which were earned by her stunning looks alone. She’s also been on the cover of the British Vogue three times — Hurley is undoubtedly gorgeous. But the famous arm-candy wasn’t enough for British actor Hugh Grant, who was arrested for soliciting sex from haggard looking prostitute. The woman, nicknamed Divine Brown, was solicited by Grant for a $60 blow job. At least she made a little more by selling her story to the tabloids. Hurley and Grant split ‘amicably’ in May 2000.

sexy celebs

 Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is the hottie from One Tree Hill who married her co-star, Chad Michael Murray, in 2005. For Murray, this ten just wasn’t enough; he cheated on Bush, leading her to file for divorce after only five months of marriage. The reason cited: Fraud. Bush had no trouble moving on, and was said to have been dating two other co-stars from One Tree Hill shortly after the split.

 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is famous for her role in a few insignificant reality television series, but she’s mostly known for her gigantic ***. Everyone loves Kardashian’s butt, but it apparently wasn’t enough to fill the needs of ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. Bush, a professional football player, avoided issues in the relationship by having an affair with a waitress called January Gessert until his sneaky ways were discovered when photos were snapped of the two on a date. Bush had attempted to use multiple cell phones to hide his cheating, but was pretty much screwed when Gesserts stumbled over her words when explaining her connection to Bush an interview — she changed her story three times in the same sentence. Although Gessert is the most noteworthy girl Bush had on the side, she wasn’t the only one. He’s accused of hooking up with at least two other girls while maintaining a monogamous facade.

 Jennifer Lopez

Bootylicious J-Lo was the victim of cheating when then-boyfriend P Diddy strayed with Kim Porter on multiple occasions. Kim’s relationship with Diddy defied the laws of cheating, according to the multi-millionaire rapper. “It wasn’t cheating to me,” he said in an interview with the Power 105.1 radio station. Diddy also claimed that Lopez was guilty of cheating as well, and the couple split in 2003. Diddy went on to marry Porter, who is the mother of his three children.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is an Academy Award winning actress whose versatility has earned her roles in just about every genre of film. Bullock is a classy beauty who manages to make even her goofy moments appealing and sexy. Bullock has just recently left her husband, motorcycle mogul Jesse James, for cheating on her with up to 11 women.

The first mistress to crawl out of the woodwork was Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, a fetish porn star experienced with foot fetish and goo fetish porn. Not only did Jesse lower his standards a considerable amount, but the woman looks like a scary tranny with hard-as-rock implants. Also, she’s a Nazi and enjoys dressing the part.

Halle Berry

R&B singer Eric Benet checked into rehab for sex addiction after accusations that he had been cheating on total sexpot actress Halle Berry. Benet later claimed that he wasn’t addicted to sex, after all, but had simply made some ’stupid-*** mistakes.’ Stupid *** is right, Benet — there are armies of men who would kill for a chance to merely speak with Berry. Although Berry went out of her way to celebrate his one year anniversary of breaking free from sex addiction, the couple split six months after he ‘relapsed.’ One of Benet’s first excuse — that he cheated in an attempt to save the marriage– clearly failed.

 Tea Leoni

Tea Leoni is part of another couple involved in multiple extra marital affairs which eventually led to sex rehab for someone. David Duchovny, in this case, cheated on Leoni for years before she demanded he enter rehab if their marriage were to be saved.

Duchovny is the star of Californication, a Showtime series about a writer who frequently has flings with sexy younger women in California. Ironic or typical?


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