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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NuBra comes with strapless, back less, invisible bra....!

strapless back less invisible bra

From the manufacturers of the NuBra comes the latest strapless, back less, invisible bra. Unlike the Nubra, a totally silicone gel brassiere, the Feather-Lite combines polyester, foam, and silicone gel offering the lightest and most comfortable fit ever imagined!

strapless back bra
 The Featherlite features soft and natural bra cups, that are completely smooth and impossible to detect under clothing. The outer bra cups contain adhesion on the inside cups that affords a secure and lasting fit. Very much like the NuBra, the Feather-lite becomes a part of your body allowing for complete freedom of movement. The front closure increases cleavage and lift,
exactly like the NuBra.



The NuBra Feather-Lite is about seventy percent lighter than the original NuBra. It is easy to apply and simple to remove. When applied correctly, Feather-Lite is guaranteed to stay on securely.

The Feather-Lite adhesive bra is composed of the following material:
30% Polyester
30% PU foam
40% silicone gel

The Feather-Lite adhesive is made in the United States and is clinically tested for medical device application.

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