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Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 years of their lives women spend on shopping

Women spend almost three years of their lives shopping

According to a study released today, women spend two years and ten months of their lives shopping in person at stores. When reached for comment, every 1980s comedian said, “Told ya so.”

The study of over 2,000 women, commissioned by an online research firm and appearing in The Sun, says that, each year, women make 301 shopping trips, totaling 399 hours and 46 minutes.

The women are said to buy food on an average of 84 occasions, for about 94 hours and 55 minutes each year. And they also devote 90 shopping trips a year to fashion and other beauty-related spending. They go for clothes 30 times (100 hours, 48 minutes), shoes 15 times (40 hours 30 minutes) and accessories 18 times (29 hours 31 minutes). Fortunately, they’re not entirely selfish; women also allegedly spend 19 trips a year, approximately 36 hours and 17 minutes worth of shopping, buying things for friends and family.

I tend to take studies like this with a grain of salt. The numbers sound crazy when you put them all together, but I bet it’d be the same if you put any numbers together with any stereotype of a demographic. Like if you counted the time men looked at porn or rubbed one out almost every day, I bet the latter would add up to literally tens of ones of minutes each year. Sure, you could have beat off every day this year. Or you could have watched an episode of “Cake Boss.” It’s a toss-up.

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