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Friday, January 1, 2010

Useful and Trendy phrases for 2010....!

useful phrases

Trendy and useful phrases for 2010

Here are some phrases which might make the dictionary one day

BUYCOTTING - purchasing something deliberately to make it a success, like the campaign to make Rage Against The Machine's single Killing In The Name the Christmas No1 over X Factor's Joe McElderry.

MOVIEGATING - driving close behind a car which has TVs in the headrests so you can watch the movie too.

DELEB - a celebrity who has died and left behind a lucrative money-making back catalogue, such as Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley.

REMEMBEER - when you can't recall what happened the day after a boozy night out.

ENRAGEMENT RING - a jewellery gift grovelling fellas buy for their other halves to say sorry after a blazing row.

FACE BASE - the point in a relationship when pictures of a couple crop up on Facebook or their status changes to In A Relationship.

BIKE-CURIOUS - a man going through a mid-life crisis who starts considering splashing out on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, above.

CARAOKE - enjoyed by people who loudly sing along to music while driving their car.

MAN CHAIR - the seat in a clothes shop where blokes are left while their partner tries on clothes.

CYBERCHONDRIACS - those who use the internet to diagnose their medical ailments. Their numbers are set to soar with the increasing popularity of iPhones and web mobiles.

Speaking in the NERD PERSON happens when somebody explains technical or geeky information to somebody who doesn't have a clue.

RUNNING LATTE - getting to work late because you stopped to buy a coffee on the way.

DUDEVORCE - when two blokes fall out and their friendship finishes.

GHOST TWEETERS - people who help their mates write their Twitter updates to make them sound funnier.

JOKE POACHERS - those who listen to your gag at a party then use it on the whole room to get a big laugh while you watch helplessly.

JINGLE BOWELS - the belly aches currently being suffered by millions of us, caused by too much over-indulgence at Christmas.

BABY GOGGLES - where parents of an ugly baby think their tot is adorable, even though no one else does.

SHYPOD - someone who doesn't like others seeing what kind of music they have on their iPod.

EXTHEIST - somebody who was brought up with religion but turned their back on it all as an adult.

EX-HOLE - an offensive way of referring to a previous partner, male or female.

NONVERSATION - where you chat rubbish to somebody and get absolutely nowhere, often at a party or an awkward office lunch.

READER'S BLOCK - when you can't even be bothered to pick up a book to read it.

BUFFER GUEST - a mate you deliberately invite to a party early to make sure the first arrival isn't somebody you hardly know.

BLACKBURIED - when you're inundated with so many emails and texts on your BlackBerry you can't cope.

REBOOTY - a booty call made by a girl to her partner or ex for sex.

CARCOLEPSY - describes mates who fall asleep as soon as you start a long journey, providing absolutely no help or company on the trip.

CANNIVERSARY - a year from the date you got sacked.

CHRONOPTIMISTS - always under-estimate the time it takes to do something.

TRUSTICLES - having the balls to trust somebody in a tough situation.

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