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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cristano Ronaldo Sexy Girl friends Must See...!

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo

Everyone knows who is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the no. 7 in Manchester United, a legendary number in Old Trafford. Beyond his football skills, his life is very important for the magazines because he is a role model for the youth and considered very attractive for the women. The Man Utd football player, which is considered the best in the world, has had several girlfriends. They are usually famous or searching fame

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo1

Bipasha Basu is a bollywood actress. A celebrity in India. She dated Ronaldo after the "New Seven World Wonders" in Lisbon.

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo 2

Mirella Grisales is colombian and is an actress too. She said that Ronaldo is as good player
in bed as he is on the football field.

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo 3

Carolina Patrocinio is a portuguese rising tv presenter. The relationship was very short, as the other ones.

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo 4

Letizia Filippi is an italin model. She was Miss Italia in 1994. Now the model is a tv presenter.

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo 5

Joana Freitas is a portuguese model. Ronaldo sent her several SMS, but nobody knows if the strategy worked.

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo 6

Nereida Gallardo is a spanish model. She went with Ronaldo to Sardenha, it was the longest Ronaldo's relationship that we know.

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo 7

Merche Romero is a portuguese model and tv presenter. She was considered the most sexy woman of 2005 in Portugal

Girlfriends of cristano ronaldo 8

Paris Hilton is an american socialite who has a failed career as an actress and a singer. The most known movie that she participated is The House of Wax.

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