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Monday, December 28, 2009

Make your love wet and wild...!

wet wild sex

Routine sex can get quite, well, routine. So shake things up with some adventurous, sexy moves.

Under the shower

Sneak into the shower while your man is washing up. Being caught off-guard will definitely excite him and drive him wild. Sponge your boy down and make him do the same. Caressing and being caressed will turn both of you on.

wet wild sex couple

Warm Jacuzzi

The two of you could get naughty in a Jacuzzi. The warm water, the bubbles and the foam will create a sensual setting. You should wear a string bikini, it will drive him wild. The best position for having sex in a Jacuzzi is while sitting on his lap. The water will add to the lubrication and buoyancy, making it a mind-blowing experience. But be careful if the Jacuzzi is in a public place.

wet wild sex 1

Ice, ice, baby…

You can even incorporate a little ice in your routine to heat things up. Before going down on your man, **** on an ice cube. The combination of coolness (from the ice) and the warmness of your lips and tongue will send shivers down his spine.

wet wild sex 2

Mother Nature beckons

You can even spice up your sex life by bringing Mother Nature into the picture. Try skinny dipping in a secluded lake, while somewhere on vacation of course - its hard to come by such lakes in a city. Or go for a walk in the downpour. The rain will make your clothes stick on and leave very little to the imagination.

But, if you don't wish to give the whole neighborhood a treat, just play in the rain on a terrace or balcony. Later, the two of you can go inside and get warm… the fun way!

Variation in your sex life is a must and water can play a big role in getting things going. Try it, and we're sure you'll love it!

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