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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top 10 excuses to avoid sex

We all have heard one too many and by now have our own list of excuses when we are just not in the mood for a romp.

Recently a survey revealed that ‘I’m too tired’ is giving the humble ‘headache’ a run for its money. Here are the top ten excuses that people use to avoid a steamy session...

1. Too tired

2. I'm not in the mood

3. I've got a headache

4. I've got to get up in the morning

5. I'm pre-occupied with work

6. I'm angry with you

7. I can hear one of the children

8. You need a shower

9. I've got a bad back

10. Too soon in our relationship.

However, across foreign shores primarily in Britain one in five couples are making excuses to get between the sheets for some heavyduty action!

A spokesman for One Poll. com , which carried out the study, said: ''The humble headache has had its day as far as excuses are concerned. Tiredness plays a much bigger part in our reasons not to climb between the sheets these days and enjoy some quality time together. And its hardly surprising when we are all working longer hours than ever before and have so many things to worry about.

Fears over whether will be able to pay our mortgages or even whether we will have a job in a month's time are bound to affect our bedroom performance. It was intriguing to see just how the recession has affected our passion levels too.''

The report also found men are more likely to make excuses than women with 27 per cent admitting they often avoided sex compared to 18 per cent of women.


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