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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reebok's Hot and SeXy New Commercials...!

Reebok has a new product: Special women's shoes that supposedly make a woman's butt tighter and stronger than normal shoes.
Whether the shoes actually work or not is not the problem here, though if they do that's great. The point is the subject
of the commercial. The original ones shown recently involved butts talking to each other about how good they looked.


This new one goes a step farther. It features attractive women's chests talking about how they don't get attention anymore.
These talking breasts claim that the reason for their fall from grace is how great women's butts look now that women are using
the new amazing shoes. Yeah, talking breasts. On a commercial that will be run in prime time.

Classless? Totally. Gimmick? Definitely.
But no matter how you look at it, they are taking a risk with it and you have to respect the effort. 

The ad definitely works for me. The shoes are a clever new product that are reminiscent of those shoes that make
you jump higher they used to market. There's no reason to think these won't work and a bold ad campaign
can only help that. It's doubtful this commercial will air for that long without being pulled,
but regardless Reebok has some clever, and likely horny, advertising people.



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