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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I will strip till i die :Pamela Anderson

Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has said she'll be stripping off until the day she dies

sexy pamela anderson

The 42-year-old actress who has also got panned for her 'mutton dressed as lamb' and 'trailer trash' taste in fashion by critics earlier, says she has no plans to tone things down when it comes to peeling off.

naked pamela anderson
"I don't think there'll be a cut-off period. Until my body starts changing in a certain way I'm sure I'll dress like me."

sexy pamela anderson1
"Sometimes I'll be in a bikini running around with a little wrap around me to drive my kids to school."

sexy pamela anderson
"At other times, it's nice to dress conservative - although I'm not really known for that," she said.

sexy pamela anderson3
"You still want to look hot, you still want to look sexy. It's so boring when people dress to be trendy or dress the way they've seen in the magazines."

sexy stripper pamela anderson4
"I think what you wear says a lot about you. It's a statement and it's kind of like your own art, it's your body and the way you present yourself. Why not have fun?" she added.


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