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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Hot and Sexiest Female Singers of the year...!

sexy female singers

You know what they say, sexiness is all in the mind and this Latin pop princess is not 'insecure' or 'uncomfortable of her body' after hitting her 30s.

The 32-year-old singer, who donned a figure hugging, skin-coloured leotard for her latest She Wolf video, is now ready to tread the not-so-tried road of steamy onscreen appearances.

Contactmusic quoted her as saying: 'We all have our own insecurities but I used to have more of those days in my 20s. I found nothing satisfied me and I just wanted to hide from the world. You should always make the most of what you've got and I think I've tried my entire life to figure that out. Now I feel a lot more comfortable in my own body.'

sexy female singers1

The popstar doesn't have to try hard to sing or look sexy because she is both. The singer, who sizzled in this red-hot outfit during the recent MTV music awards, also has the pipes which won her the prestigious Billboard Woman of the Year Awar at a gala brunch in New York in October.

'She has not only influenced pop culture with her hit songs and her signature dance moves, but has inspired women everywhere with her unique style, business savvy and dedication to charitable causes

sexy female singers2

Christina Aguilera

At third place is Christina Aguilera who said becoming a mother has made her feel sexier.

The singer, who delivered Max, her first child with husband Jordan Bratman, last January, insists that parenthood has harnessed her personality and also her sex appeal.

'Since becoming a mum, I feel I have more knowledge and that makes me feel beautiful. I feel more centred, which makes me feel confident and sexy,' the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

  sexy female singers3

Mariah Carey

his popstar dazed all with her idyllic voice and to-die-for body.

Mariah, who got rid of a great amount of weight through a combination diet, has been branded hardworking by longtime trainer Patricia Gay.

'I feel great, it's hard work to stay in shape but the results are worth it,' the Mirror quoted Mariah as saying.

'She's been toned since the beginning, she is small. She has only muscle and no fat at all. She is a hard worker!' Patricia said.

Mariah makes no bones about the fact that her toned body has not been acquired easily, as she follows a 'bleak' 1,500 calorie-a-day diet, comprising few of her favourite comfort foods.

'It's mainly about the diet, so when my trainer leaves it's sooo hard to stick to it! For breakfast, Patricia will make some boring eggs and I don't really like eggs anyway, and she'll give me some probiotic yoghurt to help with digestion 

Britney Spears

At number five is Britney Spears whose music video for new single 3 has been dubbed raunchier than ever.

The singer was said to have flaunted her tiny frame with statement blonde locks and minimal clothes in the video.

The pop princess was spotted in a series of cut-out leotards as she gyrated to the sound of raunchy sound effects, reports The Mirror

The 27-year-old is also seen taking to the pole while rubbing up against her barely clad female dancers.  

  sexy female singers4

The popstar is one hot singer whose breathy voice and sexy videos keep fans panting for more 'Love, Sex and Magic'.

  sexy female singers5
Jessica Simpson

She has got the voice and the body perfect for a pop princess. Now, if only she can break even with a great single.


Rocking her way to the list is Madonna who explained why she likes younger men.

It appears that the Queen of Pop, 51, who's dating 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz, believes that blokes are 'more adventurous, open and fun.'

According to her, men her age are 'usually married, divorced, grumpy, fat and balding,' reports The Sun.

She also reckons that her body is part of her 'job'.

'If I'm not in good shape, then how can I dance around on stage with my butt hanging out, right?' she added.

Hilary Duff

Remember the sweet-faced star of Cinderella Story? Well, bid her innocent looks goodbye for the singer/actress shed her good girl image with a raunchy role in her upcoming film.

The 20-year-old star plays the role of a '****ty' pop star in the John Cusack film, War, Inc, based on war profiteers.

'She played a pop idol from central Asia. So, she was like a Hilary but not Hilary, because Hilary is so classy, but like a real, and I won't name names, but a real ****ty pop star... Hilary is the opposite of that, of course,' quoted Cusack, as telling MTV.

Christina Milian

Christina Milian, who was once touted as the next Britney Spears, recently bared it all for a new magazine in a bid to save her plummeting music career.

And it seems the move paid off for the once fresh-faced singer rounds off the top 10 sexiest singers.

The sexy singer appears on the front cover of King magazine revealing a rather 'wild' avatar of her, to give a boost to her career, reports The Sun.

The 'AM to PM' singer's self-titled debut album was released in 2001, following collaboration with Ja Rule.

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