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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get your phone lock code or security code without reset or format..!

Don't format your cell cause it will still ask for security code, hard reset would make you loose everything on the phone..that's bad..=)
Hope you have your usb cables with you, then follow this(I've tested this on n95 8gb, n82, 6500s) BB5 phones tested, haven't tried this one with earlier models

First up, google Nemesis Service suit v or later, download, install then run the application.

Then connect your phone in pc suite mode( use your usb cable). But don't open the pc suite

Go to NSS then click the magnifying glass button on the top right, it's the scan for new device button.

After your device is found, click the phone info button, top left area. Then click permanent memory tab at the bottom right.
Tick the button 'to file' then click the read button on the right side next to it.

After it is done, open up the directory where you installed nss and find the pm folder, the directory should look like this:

C:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm

there will be a pm file there with your phones IMEI(serial number) as the file name, open it with notepad (

Find this: [309]
// search for the whole [309] string and not just the number ok?//
easier if you would use the find tool with notepad, CTRL+F

You will be taken to the line with that string.

A few lines ABOVE it you will find this line:

Here is your lock code..=)
well not all of those digits, it's in this format:
3 a1 3 a2 3 a3 3 a4 3 a5 0000000000000000
in the case above, the lock code would be 12345 (a1a2a3a4a5)
which is the default lock code,
write yours down and try not to forget it again..=)

close nss, then remove your phone,
change it in your need to elaborate on that..

you may be experiencing troubles like this:

even if you typed the correct code you'll still be getting a code error message, I've experienced this with my friend's 6500slide, he previously inputed so many codes before he gave me his phone and I think this is the cause for it, I just inputed the correct code several times, rebooted and repeated the process, reboot again if necessary, take a few minutes and a lot of patience and the code will be finally recognized..

hope this will surely help U...!

do comment and give us your valuable feedback

link to download nss:


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