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Friday, November 6, 2009

Decoding Your Lovers KISSING Style....!

Whether hard and fast or gentle and erotic, his smooch can clue you in to his carnal cravings.
Read on to learn what his lips are trying to tell you

kissing couple

The Sensual Kiss

Soft, lingering, and arousing? Yes, please!
This kind of kiss is meant to ignite all of your senses — his hands will roam
over your body, and his lips will move gently over yours. This kiss says that he’s emotionally present
and in the mood for a truly intimate experience. “You can expect plenty of attention to be paid to your needs.
But hey, don’t forget about him. Match his mood by stroking his arms or kissing
down his neck, then back up to his mouth.

The Aggressive Kiss

If he grabs your face and pulls you in for a passionate makeout session, you can expect the same aggressive style in bed.
In the mood for something a bit gentler? Pull away, look him in the eye, and coyly tell him to slow down and take his time.
If he starts to pick up speed, pull away again. That should help him realize that
the only way he’s going to get some is if he simmers down...just a little.

 The Timid Kiss

A tentative smooch seems chaste, but it might mean he’s unsure of how to heat things up.
If you want to get down to business, you’ll have to give him the green light. Kiss him back with more intensity,
maybe indicating that you want to use tongue.
Then place his hand on a naughty part of your body, like your thigh. It’s a signal that you want him,
and it’ll give him confidence to make the next move.


The Teasing Kiss

When he nibbles on your bottom lip and then pulls away or kisses you everywhere but your mouth, he’s baiting you.
He is feeling frisky and trying to get you into that playful sexual spirit. To show him you’re up for it, suggest something
more experimental, like a new toy or sex in the shower. He’ll also love knowing that his teasing games are having the
desired effect, so tell your guy just how bad he’s making you want him.


The Passionate Parting

If you and your guy regularly part with a lengthy lip-lock, then damn, you're lucky! A man with this good-bye M.O. is incredibly
passionate and highly erotic. To be sure he's not only connecting with you sexually, share stuff with him — whether
it's a problem with friends or an embarrassing story — and see if he's open to discussing it.


The Platonic Kiss

If nine times out of 10 he plants a soft, tender kiss on your cheek, then your beau is the sensitive type.
This is a paternal gesture that shows he wants to take care of you.
You don't want things to get too brother-sister between you, though.
To prevent that, send him off with a spicier good-bye now and then



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