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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breast job in a new Sexy wonder bra...!

sexy wonder bra

Breast job in a new Sexy wonder bra

UNDERWEAR giant Ultimo's latest lingerie invention could see **** job clinics going bust.

The firm claims its new Day To Night bra increases women's assets by two cup sizes in seconds. And unlike plastic surgery, it is pain-free and costs £24.

The bra can be worn for work and then boosted for a night on the town by adding silicone pouches - made from the same material used in breast implants. These push the ****s together and up, for a natural-look cleavage.

Ultimo boss Michelle Mone says: "The effect of this bra is both visible and dramatic without the drastic measures of surgery, proving you don't have to spend £35,000 on new ****s like Amy Winehouse."

Model Tal Berkovich, 24, tested the new bra and her pics speak for themselves. She says: "I love my ****s in this bra and I would definitely wear it on a night out. It's actually really comfortable as well."

"Boosting ****s without surgery sounds like a fantastic idea," writes Big Brother star Orlaith McAllister."I had my first **** job aged 24 - but if I had known that I would be a mum before I was 30, I wouldn't have had it done.

"Is it really worth the pain, hassle and expense when you can get the same effect for under £25?"


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