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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top 10 Scary Vampire locations...!

Top 10 Scary Vampire locations

Dracula's Castle

Transylvania, Romania

The daddy of all vampire myths starts with the legend of Dracula, based on Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, which was inspired by the life and times of Vlad Dracul a.k.a. Vlad the Impaler, who was both a hero and a terror in Romanian history accounts. These days, there is less fear of being impaled by Vlad, but there are many locations from Stokers' book that can be visited through tours like “Meet the Count” or on your own. One of the most authentic locations is Bran Castle (a.k.a. Dracula’s Castle), Dracula’s birthplace, Sighisoara, and Dracula’s burial grounds at the Snagov Monastery are also popular sites, especially during Halloween time

Tommyknockers & More Bus Tours

Bangor, Maine

Horror master Stephen King has dabbled in the vampire genre a bit, enough to garner a tour of Bangor, the site that inspired some of his novels, in his homestate of Maine. Bangor is home to the Tommyknockers and More tour, which takes visitors sightseeing around Bangor, through the eyes of Stephen King novels that have taken place there. The inspiration for books like Salem’s Lot are visited along with historical sights and places that are just plain scary.


Haunted History Tours

New Orleans, La.

New Orleans is home to a lot of vampire lore, from the real to the fictional. This New Orleans-based historical tour takes guests around the French Quarter while sightseeing locations associated with the creatures of the night. These chilling yet fun-filled tours based on real diaries, city archives, and very real legends will make a believer out of anyone.

San Francisco Vampire Tours

San Francisco, Calif.

San Francisco may not be known for its vampires, but surprisingly, there is an underground history of vampire lore. Dracula vampress Mina Harker takes willing participants around Knob Hill to haunted and chilling spots that are rooted in San Francisco history. Although some very haunted places are visited, the tour is lighthearted and for vampires with a sense of humor.

Grave of a Suspected Vampire

Exeter, R.I.

For proof of a real vampire, visiting the grave of Mercy Lena Brown in Exeter, Rhode Island, is about as close as you can get. In 1883, Browns’ family began mysteriously dying all around her. When she finally died in 1892 her body was exhumed a few months later only to be found with a red, juicy heart as if it were still alive. No one knows the truth behind Brown’s status as a vampire but this was heart-stopping evidence

Forks, Washington

Home of the Cullen family of vampires, Forks, Wash., population 3,175, has become a bustling town with more than 50,000 visitors this summer alone. The Twilight series has given this small town a new life with tourists coming from all over the world to see the real life town that was portrayed in the books and movies. Notable sites around Forks that are featured in the books are Bellas’ red Chevy truck outside the visitor center, the Cullens’ home, and Charlie and Bella Swans’ house, among other locations.

Twilight Fan Cruise

Seattle to Alaska

For the ultimate Twilight fan nothing will beat a weeklong cruise with the stars of the vampire series. A costume ball, autograph sessions, a Q&A with the actors, and Twilight themed cocktails are just some of the things in store for the series' fans. A pre-cruise tour of Forks can be added for the real tween vamp experience.

Nightmare: Vampires

New York City

Halloween is the perfect time to explore the vampire myth and there is no better place to do it then at New York’s scariest haunted house, the 6th annual Nightmare: Vampires. From September 25th through November 7th, vampire and haunted house lovers get to experience the world’s first vampire museum while running from blood thirsty vampires. This haunted house is definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you want to view the place without the fear of being bitten, it is open during the day as a no-scare museum.

Cachtice Castle

Cachtice, Slovakia

More than 100 years after Vlad the Implaer, Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory was accused of vampire acts and of crimes committed as a much-feared female serial killer. She was known as the “Blood Countess” and is credited with one of the bloodiest crimes of the Middle Ages. Her home, Cachtice Castle, is where she reportedly killed her victims and bathed in their blood. Some say she drank it. It still stands overlooking the quaint medieval town of Cachtice.


True Blood Convention

Orlando, Fla.

Florida will be taken over by vampires this November 13 to 15 for the first ever True Blood Convention, celebrating the popular book and HBO vampire series. Confirmed so far for appearances are Sam Trammell and Allan Hyde for autograph, photo, and Q&A sessions. Other events will include a True Blood-themed cocktail party, auctions, and even a tattoo artist b*****ng guests with True Blood tats.


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