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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hottest Sexual Pop Songs...!

Britney Spears: '3'
We wonder if Peter, Paul and Mary ever dreamed that their names would be used synonymously with a menage-a-trois ... or if the mention would be a # 1 hit.

Steamy Lyric: "If you don't like the company / Let's just do it you and me / You and me / Or three / Or four ... On the floor "

Hottest Sexual Pop Songs
Sexuality has always been Britney Spears' best weapon, and that's never been more true with the release of her video for '3' -- a song that's essentially a 4-minute manifesto on threesomes. While Miss Spears certainly can craft a steamy tune, there's a long line of sexually-charged pop hits that have made America's airwaves a little uncomfortable (and excited). Here are the most sex-in-your-face pop songs:


Prince: 'Kiss'
Nearly every Prince song is eligible for this list, but it's the overwrought falsetto and tension of 'Kiss' -- not to mention the stellar video -- that makes 'Kiss' the steamiest of Prince tunes. The guy is truly in a league of his own.

Steamy Lyric:: "I just need your body baby, from dusk til dawn"

Christina Aguilera: 'Dirrty'
Looking to be the anti-Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera embraced the raunch with a fervor and got, well, dirty with her songs and image. She's since classed it up now that she's a mom, but this put the X in Xtina.

Steamy Lyric: "I need that uh to get me off, sweat until my clothes come off"

Madonna: 'Justify My Love'
Like Prince, Madonna had a lot of candidates for this. 'Justify My Love' stands out thanks to the smoky vocals, and the fact that the video is essentially an artsy porno.

Steamy Lyric: "I wanna run naked in a rainstorm / Make love on a cross-country train"

Salt N Pepa: 'Push It'
The First Ladies of old school hip-hop didn't mince words with the title, and this thrust-happy dance track still stands the test of time (and sexiness).

Steamy Lyric: "Ah, push it ... push it real good"

Color Me Badd: 'I Want to Sex You Up'
Cheesy? Check. Painfully straight-forward? Check. A hit back in the day that you likely know by heart? Check. Tick-tock you don't stop!

Steamy Lyric: "We can do it til we both wake up"

 The Lonely Island: 'D*** in a Box'

...Speaking of Color Me Badd, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake perfectly lampooned them by putting their... well, read the title of the song. Yes, 'Jizz in My Pants' is more suggestive, but we liked the CMB tie-in, so back off.

Steamy Lyric: "Take a look inside, it's my d*** in a box"

George Michael: 'I Want Your Sex'
Mr. Michael hasn't had the best decade so far, but he ruled the '90s thanks to sexually-charged synth tunes like this.

Steamy Lyric: "Let's make love, put your trust in me"

Lil Wayne: 'Lollipop'
This was the hit of 2008, blaring out of every car stereo system imaginable. Leave it to the crafty Wayne to gross us out with "rapper"/"wrapper" interplay.

Steamy Lyric: "He's so sweet, make her wanna **** the wrapper, so I let her **** the rapper"

James Brown: 'Sex Machine'
Oh, how we miss the hardest working man in showbusiness (no pun intended). Justin Timberlake might claim to have brought sexy back, but nobody brought it initially like James.

Steamy Lyric: "The way I like it is the way it is"


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