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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The 6 Reasons Why People Have Sex...!

Sex is one of the most revealed but yet most hidden topics. Why do people have sex? What is the purpose of sex? There are 6 main reasons why people have sex, which are as follows:


For Children

One of the most common reasons why people have sex is to have children. If you are looking to start a family, sex is one of the first things we look forward to. After about 9 months, if all is well, a new baby is born, boy or girl, and after that couples can have sex again and produce more babies. Some people get children by adoption or other means, but for biological children, one where the child shares both the parents genes, most individuals choose consensual sex in order to have children.

For Love

Another reason why people have sex is for the love it, and the love of the person. Ask anyone if they like sex and the majority of them will say yes without hesitation. Most individuals have sex whenever they can, to enjoy and love the one whom they're with. Most times it is done without the intent to produce children. It is during these times the individuals do so to have a fun time and to enjoy being in each other's company.

For Curiosity

Individuals that have never had sex before may wish to do so out of curiosity. However old someone is, sooner or later they're going to become curious about having sex. This is where parents must come in and teach their children about sex: its good points and its bad points. After the sex is accomplished later in life, the person has satisfied his or her curiosity.

For Money

Another reason why people have sex is for money. 'Gold diggers', Prostitutes, and the like do so only to have sex for material gain without the element of love, curiosity, or for starting a family. Many individuals are harmed this way, because of the person not knowing what they're getting theirselves into. Although, these are not necessarily the best reasons to have sex, many still do so for these purposes today.

Sometimes in places where large amounts of alcohol is present, many individuals become intoxicated drinking too much. This can in many cases cause one's mental judgements to become blurred. Many individuals perform sexual acts to wake up later realizing it wasn't what they've intended to do if they were sober. This, however, does not still eliminate the choice, but many times because of intoxication is one of the reasons why we choose to have sex.


Nonconsensual sex is another form. No person should allow another for nonconsensual sex, nor should another seek to perform it, but many individuals seem to do it everyday. Forcing another individual to have sex is called rape, and is one of the worst crimes, and doing something you don't want to do is one of the worse things you can do for yourself. Sex should be consensual like anything else; however, many times individuals do it by nonconsensual means, in which causes one to be almost scarred for life and the other belonging in jail.

Those are the 6 reasons why people have sex. Are they all a good way to have it? Obviously, not. The best form of sex is one done for love or for children. People have it every day and all the time for the reasons discussed here. Hopefully the last two can be prevented, and more love can be brought into the one if it's only done for money.


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