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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top 10 Celluloid Hotties...!!

! * Top 10 Celluloid Hotties * !

Kate Mara
hollywood hotties

 Wearing nothing but a 12-gauge and underwear in 2007's Shooter; tight Wrangler's and tighter plaid farmer's daughter attire in Brokeback Mountain.

Ms. Mara recently reigned supreme as Babe of the Week and her rising status as hottie newcomer makes the actress definitely one to be forever filed under "easy on the eyes". 

Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie

 Recently, Jolie sported a tail and strategically-placed, gold CG in Beowulf, all the more to accentuate her curves. The lovely Angelina is no stranger when it comes to working her body: see the leather dominatrix outfit in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the tight bikini and even tighter combat spandex from Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and her full-frontal work in Gia, Taking Lives, Original Sin and the unsung classic, Cyborg 2.

Scarlett Johansson

 Ms. Scarlett became an official member of the Hand-Bra hottie club with her turn in The Love Song for Bobby Long. And while she hasn't gone officially full-frontal, she has no problem teasing us with her curves in such movies as Lost in Translation and Match Point. We here at Stars look forward to the day where she pulls a Jolie and shares the rest of her talent whenever the script calls for it – or doesn't. 

Halle Berry

 Who can forget the best thing about her turn in 007's Die Another Day: Berry's orange-bikini call back to Honey Rider's entrance in Dr. No? And let's not forget the movie frame-by-frame playback was invented for, Monster's Ball. And while the movie may have redefined "this su.cks" for a generation, she looked a tad on the sex-tastic side in Catwoman's ridiculous skin-tight leather outfit. Berry has the goods, but are they good enough for the title of Champion Bod? 

Monica Bellucci

From the first time she sported a seemingly vinyl dress in Matrix Reloaded to her campaign for gratuitous cleavage in the ballistic Shoot 'Em Up, this sexy Italian import has been synonymous with the phrase "gots the goods" for quite some time. She couldn't show up at a mall opening without sporting her claims to fame, and we dig that about her. As eye-candy goes, she never disappoints. But does she have it what it takes to take home the gold? 

Eva Green

 She bares all in The Dreamers and became one of the sexiest ladies James Bond ever met, in Casino Royale. This pretty face can act, kick, and look good while doing it all. That's a hell of an accomplishment for one of the youngest and most beautiful babes on this list. We expect good things from her in the future…clothing optional.

Jessica Biel

 Seven words: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. During her drunken undressing scene, she made guys every where, for the first time, realize how much good the bra can do on the right bod. Biel is always ranked highly on many a top-10 babe list, and her rising sex appeal never ceases to earn the rubber-necking it deserves. We like Biel. We like her, a lot.

Rose McGowan

 Few can look good in the middle of exploding zombies while bra.ndishing a machine-gun leg, but McGowan pulls both off perfectly in 2007's Planet Terror. Since becoming a blimp on our Babe-dar with turns in Scream and the WB's Charmed, Rose has earned some serious pin-up status lately. If the rumors of her playing Barbarella prove true, then fans everywhere can look forward to Rose sporting zero-gravity, go-go boots and little else. 

Salma Hayek

 Another babe from the films of Robert Rodriguez, Salma Hayek's unique brand of exotic beauty continues to make jaws drop. It all started with her from-the-waist-up performances as a vampire stripper in From Dusk Till Dawn and Antonio Banderas' best accessory in Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. And even though she is a recent mommy, the Hayek still looks good and deserves a shot at the coveted crown. 

Anne Hathaway

 We wish we could quit you, but you made that very difficult after putting your Princess Diaries out there on the big screen in Brokeback Mountain. Anne can't not look good, and we can't imagine ever getting tired of her smiling face and perfect curves. Her upcoming turn in Get Smart guarantees us Babe fans another chance to ogle at her on the big screen. 



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