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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have plenty of sex to win matches :Indian Coach..!!

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Have plenty of sex to win matches :Indian Coach

India's coach Gary Kirsten has encouraged his players to 'go ahead and indulge' ahead of the Champions Trophy The dossier by Indian cricket coach Gary Kirsten and conditioning coach Paddy Upton urging Indian cricketers to have more sex for better on-field performance elicited more giggles and blushes from the rest of the Champions Trophy contenders on Wednesday than any serious talk on testosterone-enhancing methods

The 'vision' document, which says "having sex increases testosterone, which causes an increase in strength, aggression and competitiveness" once again raises the age-old debate on whether sex helps sporting performance.

Besides trumpeting the positive side effects of sex, Kirsten and Upton also said that a lack of sex could diminish their athletic capacities by causing "a significant drop in testosterone levels in both males and females."

In a four-part document first leaked to the Hindustan Times, and now the talk of Sandton, the upmarket suburb of Johannesburg where the teams reside in close proximity, India's players are asked rhetorically: "Does sex increase performance?" And the answer begins: "Yes, it does, so go ahead and indulge."


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