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Monday, September 21, 2009

Experience the Best, Experience Windows XP...!!


Very Important Note : If you have enough memory and sleeky eye candy look luver don't do the following things. And do it your own risk, if you do the following things Windows XP might run smoothly and reliably on 128 MB(even 64 MB) of RAM.This is an Ultimate Troubleshooter for Slow and Unreliable PC , Finally 4 Performance Seekers Do THIS

After the Fresh Install of Windows XP

1. Right Click on DeskTop Click Customize Desktop in Desktop Tab
Check the Boxes of My Documents My Computer and IE

2.Right Click on My Computer in Desktop Click Properties on Advanced Tab Click Performance > Settings
>Visual Effects > [ CLICK ] Adjust for best performance
[ Note : You can also go System Properties from Control Panel > System ]

3.On Advanced Tab Click Error Reporting >
[ CLICK ] Disable error reporting [ This is Annoying ]

4.On System Restore Tab > [ CLICK ] Turn off System Restore on all drives, it will ask "blah blah" question CLICK YES [ No Risk, Don't Afraid ]

5.On Automatic Updates Tab > Turn off Automatic Updates. [ Another ***d thing ]

6.On Remote Tab Clear the all 2 Check Box

7.Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Click Sound Tab and Select No Sounds, it will ask "blah blah" question CLICK NO

8.Click Run from Start Menu [ or Press Windows + R ] and type regedit
Click OK
On Registry Editor > Click Edit > Find >
Type BOOTEXECUTE Click Find Next
Right Click BOOTEXECUTE > Click Modify > Delete the whole Value Data
Click Find Next and do the same 2 appearances

9.On Registry Editor > Click Edit > Find >
Click on Enable >Right Click Modify > Change Y to N

10.Control Panel > Folder Options > On View Tab > Advance settings :
Check the Box Do not cache thumbnails.

11.Control Panel > Display > Screensaver Tab > Select None
[ 2 % of System Resource , Now Free ]

12.Control Panel > Display > Appearance Tab > Click Effects >
On that make the changes as follow


13.Right Click on My Computer in Desktop Click Properties on Advanced Tab Click Performance > Settings > Advanced Tab > Virtual memory > Change > Click on the Drive that is not windows folder > Click Custom size >
Initial size (MB) : 1024
Maximum size (MB) : 1024
and Click Set

NB : This Tricks for 1GB Memory .. If You Have More RAM Memory

Please See Manually Manage Computer Memory

Select Drive that already have pagefile Click > No paging file
It ask to Restart Click OK to Ultra Fast XP Experience

14.Most Wanted Softwares
1.Foxit Reader for PDF Reading [ Damn Small ]
2.Irfan View for Image Viewing
3.RegCleaner for Cleaning Dirty Registry
4.TweakUI for Tweak Manythings
5.Unlocker for Unlocking the Locked Files
6.WinRAR for Extracting any kind of Compressed Files
7.HDDLife for Learning How Hot is HDD and Health ? and more.

15.After Installing TweakUI
Click TweakUI > My Computer > AutoPlay > Type Uncheck the both drive types

16.Click on Time > Adjust Date/Time > Internet Time Tab > Clear Automatically synchronize with and Internet time server. [ To Make Your PC Leak Proof ]


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