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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Battery Saving Tips For iPhone 3GS

Iphone has fast performance ,high resolution and features like voice control that drain off the battery faster and faster leading to less battery performance of iphone 3gs.The problem can be solved using i phone Firmware 3.1 which utilizes the battery in an effiecient way to increase its performance.

Further here are some tricks to increase the battery life
  1. First of all turn on the Auto-brightness .It automatically the brightness of the screen in accordance with the light around it.this prevents a lot of batter during daytime and in bright light as greater the brightness lesser will be the battery life.
  2. You should turn the bluetooth off when not in use.turning on the bluetooth all the time lets your mobile to search accept incoming connection all the time and leads to continues consumption of battery.
  3. Keep you 3G turn off.3G operates in higher data rate and higher quality calls that certainly require more battery power than the usual EDGE.So if you want to work for a longer duration of time,based on the work nature yo can keep 3G off.
  4. Try to use themes with less bright colours and turn off the screensaver .Belive me it definitely saves a lot of battery power and prolong the performance to a great extend.
  5. Like bluetooth also keep your WiFi switched off.keeping it turn on all the time to detect any wireless network also consumes much of the power even greater than that of bluetooth and 3G.
  6. As we know that the iphone has built in GPS device to keep track your current location and provide you direction of reqired places.But using GPS also consumes per ,so keep GPS off unless you require it.
  7. Set the Auto -lock time time as less as possible.Greater on time makes the screen to consume power for display.try to set and use around 30-45 seconds.
  8. Games also consumes a lot of power.The more 3D effects and higher resolution the more power it can also prevent some power by turning off vibration in games
  9. Set larger email fetch time ,this saves power .If possible set it to manual i.e. turn off auto email fetch and check it manually from time to time.this prevents contunues use of network by iphone and hece greater battery life.


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