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Friday, August 28, 2009

Nokia Tips N Tricks..!!

Get The NOKIA mobile phone Tips N Tricks
Here are some Useful Tips and Tricks for NOKIA Mobile Phone users. Some of these 'Tips' might be familiar to you. But I hope still you can get more useful tips and tricks for your phone!

  • Some Usefulness of 'edit' button (or 'abc' or 'pencil' button)..?

    • In the inbox , you want to delete multiple sms, simply hold the 'edit' button and scroll down. Then, press 'c' to delete the marked sms.
    • The 'edit' button can also be used to copy and paste text in sms. Simply hold it and scroll across the text. Then choose 'copy'. Again Press and hold the pencil key and press 'Paste'. It's pretty good for placing song names in Ngages.
  • To format the phone, press *#7370# or *#7780# and then enter the lock code(security code) of the phone.
    (This is just soft reset, which restores the factory settings of the phone.)
    NOTE: Battery must be full, else if format is disrupted by low battery, consequences will be disastrous.

  • S60 or Nseries users can format in an alternative way:
    Switch off the phone and Press and Hold 3, * and Call (Send or Green button) buttons. Then power on phone and keep holding on the 3 buttons till you come to a 'Format Screen' or 'Language Selection Screen'. (Keep Trying again if doesn't work)
    (This is the hard reset which helps the phone to tackle almost all problems and make all the 'settings' to default. After format, the security code would be reset to default 12345)
    NOTE: Battery must be full, else if format is disrupted by low battery, consequences will be disastrous.

  • Any S60 USERS can install '.sis' files simply using the cable given.
    Just plug it in and place the .sis file anywhere on 'e: drive'(or memory card). Then disconnect and look for it in 'file manager' to install.

  • Save on battery and system memory being used by regulary checking the task manager which can be accessed by holding down the menu button.

  • Type *#06# to display your IMEI serial number, which is very valuable for the unlocking of your phone to other sim cards.

  • Type *#0000# to view which firmware version you are running.

  • Type *#92702689# to display the 'life timer' of the phone.

  • Set the screen saver to a short time out period to prolong battery life.

  • Avoid restarting the phone by repeatedly turning it on and off. This helps to increase the battery life.

  • If you would like to avoid being "blue jacked", try to keep Bluetooth turned off or set your phone's visibility to hidden in the Bluetooth menu.

  • You can change the Operator logos. Use a file manager like FExplorer or SeleQ and add this directory "c:/system/Apps/phone/oplogo" Add a .bmp picture to the folder "oplogo" and restart your phone!
    NOTE: The ".bmp" picture size needs to be 97 x 25 pixels

  • While you are viewing a picture in your phone's gallery, press one of these shortcut keys:

    • 1 - turn image anticlockwise
    • 3 - turn image clockwise
    • * - toggle on/off of full screen
    • 5 - zoom in
    • 0 - zoom out
    (definitely works on 6600, not sure about other Symbians)
  • Press and hold the Menu key to open the application switching window, where you can switch between applications.
    If a program hangs and you can't shut it down, select the application in the application switching window and press 'C' to kill it. It's also a faster way to exit programs.

  • Turn on/off the "click" sound made by the camera by selecting the 'Silent' profile or by turning warning tones on/off:
    Menu - Profiles - "select your activated profile" - Personalise - Warning tones - On/Off.
    (This also affects the sound of Java games and apps).

  • To change background image go to:
    Menu - Tools - Settings - Phone - Standby mode - Background image - Yes - "choose an image".
    The best size for background images is 174x132 pixels.

  • Display an image when someone is calling:
    Menu - Contacts - "select a contact card" - Options - Edit - Options - Add thumbnail - "choose an image".

  • Add a personal ringing tone to a contact:
    Menu - Contacts - "select a contact card" - Options - Open - Options - Ringing tone - "choose a ringing tone".

  • Send or hide your caller ID:
    Go to Menu - Tools - Settings - Call - Send My Caller ID - 'Yes', 'No' or 'Set By Network' to follow the default settings of your home network.

  • In standby mode, press and hold the right soft key to activate voice dialing.
    To add a voice tag to a phone number, open a contact card and scroll to the phone number and select Options > Add voice tag.

  • In standby mode,
    45# + dials the number on your sim in memory slot 45.
    50# + dials slot 50 and so on.
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